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The VicBlends Academy is an online curriculum that provides you access to a wide range of barber content consisting of haircut tutorials, industry tips and tricks, and of course, insights from VicBlends himself.


The curriculum features videos that identify the tools of the trade and reviews proper techniques that would be beneficial to a barber just starting or of advanced skill.

Beyond the clippers the VicBlends Academy will give you access into the lifestyle of a barber, marketing strategies and even a guide to how to retain clientele. This academy reflects Vic’s passion for the craft and dedication to provide the industry with information from his perspective.

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Master the Art of Haircutting


Precision Perfection: Mastering the Art of Haircutting

Unlock the secrets to flawless fades with our comprehensive haircutting course. From classic styles to tapering trends, you'll gain the skills and confidence to transform any hairstyle.

Tips & Tricks

Barbering Secrets Unveiled


Tips & Tricks of the Trade: Barbering Secrets Unveiled

Dive into the world of barbering mastery with our Tips & Tricks course. Discover insider techniques, time-saving hacks, and expert advice that will upgrade your skills and set you apart in the barbering industry.

Business & Branding

Barbering Success Strategies


Business & Branding Brilliance: Barbering Success Strategies

Turn your passion for barbering into a thriving business with our Business & Branding course. Learn how to build a strong online presence, attract a loyal clientele, and achieve success as a modern barberpreneur.

“Very useful real professional world insights and tips.”

“Vic provides and focus on very good, important and useful real world professional basics. It is excellent for absolute beginners."


“So easy to understand and so helpful.”

“Such a genuine, honest, supportive, encouraging guy. Vic shares his own experiences qualifying as a barber so we don't waste our time learning the hard way. Thank you so much for doing this course."


“All you need to know to start a barbering career. ”

“ This course really explained everything in an “easy to understand “ way. OMG Vic is terrific instructor the best from start to finish."


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Master the Art of Barbering

Ready to transform your career and become a master in the art of barbering? Join VicBlends Academy, where we’ll unlock your potential, one clip at a time. Elevate your skills, shape your future, and step into the world of limitless possibilities with Vic!