Overcoming obstacles

Victor had to overcome a lot of obstacles before he could get to where he is today. When he was a teenager, Victor has to distance himself from his hometown, family, and friends just to make his dream a reality. His family didn’t like the fact that he decided to cut hair instead of going to college; this led to a lot of arguments.

Victor didn’t let anyone’s opinion convince him to leave his path, he was given a vision from God to fulfill his potential of being the best barber he could possibly be, and he worked hard to achieve that.

Victor overcame most of these obstacles by simply having faith in God. He foresaw the opportunities that awaited him and knew that if he played his cards right, he would achieve success. Victor shares, “Once you acknowledged God’s Plan for your life and honestly believe in him, you will end up with success.”

Attaining Success

On his journey to success, Victor not only inspired individuals from him, but he also showed a lot of people a new way of thinking and living as a barber. Never before had we heard of a youngster creating a 6-figure barbering business, but Victor beat all the odds and did it.

“My number one motive is to share my knowledge and skills to anybody willing to improve not only their career but their life.”
Vic Blends

So you might be asking yourself how he did it. Well, I’ll let Victor take it over from here;

“To keep it short and simple, it was manifestation that helped me get where I am today. I come from a military household with three other siblings.

My older brother is a college graduate with a degree in civil engineering; my older sister is also a college graduate with a degree in nursing.

My dad is the definition of hard work, being in the military for 28 years, coming out of the projects of Boston, giving my mother and older brother a new life all the way from Russia and achieving his master degree at the same time while raising a family, I’ve always found motivation from my parents

I was the only one to break the cycle and choose to pursue my dream before chasing my degree. Up to this day, people still question me on that decision. Success is different for everybody. Your own definition of success might be to design the next car, find a cure for cancer or start a business.

But if you’re not happy doing those things, you are not successful. My number one motive is to share my knowledge and skills to anybody willing to improve not only their career but their life.”



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