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About Vic Blends Academy

About VicBlends Academy

Welcome to The VicBlends Online Academy – where passion meets expertise, and success becomes an attainable goal.


Meet Your Instructor

From cutting in his mom’s garage to becoming one of the world’s most renowned barber and entrepreneur, Vic’s life has been a unique journey of hustle, perseverance, and the relentless pursuit of inspiring others.

Elevating Careers, Transforming Lives – One Cut at a Time

Beyond the Cut: Shaping Futures, Changing Lives

At the heart of The VicBlends Online Academy lies the unwavering commitment to empowering others. Vic’s number one motive is to share not just the skills he’s honed but the mindset and knowledge that has shaped his journey. It’s not just about improving your career; it’s about enhancing your life.

Barbering Mastery Starts Here: It's More Than Just a Haircut

Our curriculum isn’t just a collection of hair-cutting techniques (though you’ll find those, and they’re next-level, we promise). We dive deeper. We explore the nuances of the modern barbering industry, from the artistry behind the clippers to the science of marketing yourself effectively.

  • Cutting-Edge Techniques: Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned pro, our curriculum offers in-depth, next-level cutting techniques that will elevate your skills.

  • Mindset and Lifestyle: It’s not just about what you do; it’s about how you think and live. We’ll help you adopt the mindset and lifestyle that breed success.

  • Marketing Mastery: In a world dominated by social media, we guide you through the strategies that will make you stand out, helping you build and retain a loyal clientele.

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My Mission Is To Empower and Inspire Others

“Very useful real professional world insights and tips.”

“Vic provides and focus on very good, important and useful real world professional basics. It is excellent for absolute beginners."


“So easy to understand and so helpful.”

“Such a genuine, honest, supportive, encouraging guy. Vic shares his own experiences qualifying as a barber so we don't waste our time learning the hard way. Thank you so much for doing this course."


“All you need to know to start a barbering career. ”

“ This course really explained everything in an “easy to understand “ way. OMG Vic is terrific instructor the best from start to finish."


Join VicBlends and Transform Your Career

Master the Art of Barbering

Ready to transform your career and become a master in the art of barbering? Join VicBlends Academy, where we’ll unlock your potential, one clip at a time. Elevate your skills, shape your future, and step into the world of limitless possibilities with Vic!

The VBA logo, featuring a red background.
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