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77 reviews for Vic Blends Academy

  1. Johnny Rivera (verified owner)

    Best investment never stop learning ✊🏽

  2. eduardomendez236 (verified owner)

    This academy gave me the ability to look at more details that are often ignored by other barbers

  3. montoyafadez (verified owner)

    Amazing content

  4. rarmenta911 (verified owner)

    5 star

  5. Nikkos Bierwirth (verified owner)

    Vic Blendz……the MJ of barbering 🐐

  6. markdiegosierra2001 (verified owner)

    A1 ! Cutting the learning curve☝️

  7. mustidabdoub (verified owner)

    Best ever

  8. mustidabdoub (verified owner)

    The best in The com..

  9. christianstevenson98 (verified owner)

    Great academy. Vic is very thorough when explaining cuts.

  10. jevonfo (verified owner)

    Best barber academy

  11. sidneyhaynes71 (verified owner)


  12. tavocuts2 (verified owner)


  13. Tyress Aikens (verified owner)

    I left the academy every time feeling more confident in my craft. Thanks Vic

  14. Tommy thornton (verified owner)


  15. jamarrandolph46 (verified owner)

    Very helpful. I wish you put out new content

  16. ariasdiego355 (verified owner)

    Good quality content and very easy to learn from to be come the best barber that you can be

  17. Razor_j0 (verified owner)

    Game changer!

  18. Alan Roberson (verified owner)

    Helped a lot recommended this for all barbers.

  19. stwss12 (verified owner)

    Was good to learn in depth little tricks and tips! Especially about the financial side of things. 100% Recommend!!!!


  20. mannypantaleon24 (verified owner)


  21. Jeremy Ford (verified owner)

    Really cool content a lot of gems here

  22. YOLANDA CHAVEZ (verified owner)

    Best Academy

  23. griser.h (verified owner)

    Best academy so far it actually helped me out a lot to gain the progress
    I love vicblends he is my idol god bless him keep up

  24. antoniolaws86 (verified owner)

    Excellent content really taught me a lot and I would recommend this to anyone beginning or wanting to learning more.

  25. Cameron Mclean (verified owner)


  26. Matthew Dominguez (verified owner)

    Vic Is A LEGEND ‼️ And he’s only getting better

  27. vxrx (verified owner)

    straight game 💈🐐

  28. vxrx (verified owner)

    straight gems 💈🐐

  29. aadrianespinoza420 (verified owner)


  30. j_clarke92 (verified owner)

    Dude this course is fire fr fr helped me step up 100%

  31. Fabian Magallanes (verified owner)

    One of the best💯🔑

  32. Nick Turturro (verified owner)

    I’ve been cutting hair for a long time and I’m very experienced in the field. His tips/ tricks and detail work definetly helped a bunch. Lot of tricks that most barbers wouldn’t even think of in this academy. You’ll learn something Forsure no matter how experienced you are

  33. Julio Morales (verified owner)

    Good information and great tips

  34. don.hill (verified owner)

    Great cuts. Great instructions

  35. johnthebaptizedbarber (verified owner)

    Very useful. Appreciate the love and respect for the attention to details.

  36. Jalexis Senter (verified owner)

    Amazing great content

  37. isaacscottt7 (verified owner)


  38. Chris Cruz (verified owner)

    The academy is worth it my blends came out way better thanks Vic

  39. Jan Itong (verified owner)


    I gave Vic BLends Academy a try because he offered a free subscription on his Instagram page back in November. I think when it comes to marketing, Vic is the best example of someone who shows and tells what they’r talking about. A lof OG barbers talk about guerilla marketing back in the day, and I think Vic captures that ‘get down in the dirt and do the work’ mentality well. I enjoyed the length of the videos and, in my opinion, Vic’s blending technique is very easy to follow. I definitely would have benefitted from this when I started barbering in 2019! Overall, I’d reccommend giving the course a try. If you’re starting out, I would 100% tell you to subscribe to the course and take notes if you’re not planning to apprentice at a shop.

  40. alexfranciscohernandez7 (verified owner)

    My favorite Barber real talk.

  41. josecruzchristian47 (verified owner)

    Best Outta best

  42. Oscar Vega (verified owner)

    Really detailed I would really recommend 💯

  43. Tony Myles (verified owner)

    Very informational and the tutorials are easy to follow…applying Vic’s steps have made my cuts come out better

  44. cxlerichvrds (verified owner)


  45. Jaime Adame (verified owner)

    Great for learning and beginning barbers. Definitely help learn different methods.

  46. darricb (verified owner)


  47. elias.10rodriguez (verified owner)

    Fire Content

  48. Kamryn Hayes (verified owner)

    Love this this help me grow as a barber for sure

  49. mccannjr3 (verified owner)

    Best online class ever! Hands down💯

  50. dreyes_00 (verified owner)

    Vic blends academy has helped me reach goals of my own. inspiring 🤞🏽

  51. Adam Laklalech (verified owner)


  52. Amelio Byrd (verified owner)

    It’s great

  53. Picassothebarber (verified owner)


  54. Kyle Delsol (verified owner)

    love the academy

  55. BarberGilley (verified owner)

    This academy is an extremely valuable tool for beginning and veteran barbers. Stay educated!

  56. alexajpershad (verified owner)


  57. Nathan Ramirez (verified owner)

    Great Academy love the videos and very helpful

  58. trust-barber-shop (verified owner)


  59. reynaldogmendez3 (verified owner)

    First review cause there isn’t any 😂 but I love the academy I’ve learned a lot from it & plan to keep pursuing my passion because of it ‼️ Passion over profit 💯

  60. chanellbazemore (verified owner)


  61. griser.h (verified owner)

    Best academy for those barbers who wants to me someone and somewhere in live, it actually helped me grow a lot as a barber as a man to achieve something in life so thankful to VicBlends

  62. Bryan Quintanilla (verified owner)


  63. Edgar Hernandez (verified owner)

    Yo this website is NOT ass 💪🏾 would highly recommend

  64. Garrett Garza (verified owner)

    Very helpful, have learned a handful of helpful tips and tricks.. great way of walking you step by step through the entire cut.. keep it up big dog !!!🔥

  65. davidmor9 (verified owner)


  66. b.ordonez14 (verified owner)

    Best academy

  67. Ellison Castro (verified owner)


  68. jotenmessi11 (verified owner)

    Learned so much , best investment 💈🔥

  69. Savo Jovanovic (verified owner)

    Best best ever

  70. Christopher Graham (verified owner)

    Big gems!

  71. Alondra Gonzalez (verified owner)

    very good way to explain the cuts.

  72. Amelio Byrd (verified owner)


  73. rodericksimpson2 (verified owner)

    Great Jewels !!!

  74. ciyahroberts (verified owner)

    this taught me so much on cutting hair its been almost a year since i joined and its nothing but good videos highly recommended

  75. Melloblends (verified owner)


  76. Louis Crudge (verified owner)

    I’ve only been cutting 6 months and this has allowed me to level up quickly, Young baller!

  77. Fabian Magallanes (verified owner)

    Great investment to learning as a new or experienced barber 💯🥱

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